Seven Seas Water Group’s wastewater solutions treat billions of gallons per year in plants around the globe

In addition to the desalination and water treatment it’s known for, Seven Seas Water Group also offers a range of wastewater treatment technologies.

Seven Seas owns and operates the plants it builds under long-term, performance-based contracts. Our business model depends on quality design, construction, and equipment to deliver reliable services with a focus on continuing relationships, not the end of a warranty period. We’re always searching for the most robust technologies in the industry, and those technologies now help maintain a consistent record of 97% availability at our plants across sectors and around the world.

Our core wastewater treatment technologies include:

  • Conventional activated sludge (CAS) and fixed-film (FF).
  • Membrane bioreactors (MBR).
  • Fixed Film (FF).
  • Biological nutrient removal (BNR).
  • Dissolved air flotation (DAF).
  • Clarification.
  • Disinfection.
  • Microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF).

Featured Wastewater Treatment Case Studies

Leeward Estate, Turks and Caicos Islands

On the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean, a developer had difficulty finding a company with flexible solutions that could be installed in phases to match the expansion of a new resort featuring residences and a marina. Seven Seas Water Group was able to provide the modular technologies that allowed phased installation of a desalination plant, along with a 0.05 MGD (189 m3/d) membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment plant. The high-quality effluent produced from the complex’s wastewater now provides safe, low-cost irrigation water for the development.

Community Development in Harris County, Texas

In Harris County, Texas, a commercial real estate developer needed a 0.6 MGD wastewater treatment plant for a new planned community, but the lowest bid for the secondary activated sludge project came in at $8 million. Seven Seas Water Group was able to offer a 5-year lease agreement that would not only lower the total cost to $2 million, but would break up capital investment into more manageable sums. Installation was phased in four stages to add capacity as new sections of the development were completed, allowing the developer to redirect money saved toward continuing overall development of the community.

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Hunt County, Texas

A new community development in Hunt County, Texas, was growing quickly and needed to add wastewater treatment capacity to its existing operation until a larger, permanent plant could be built. Seven Seas Water Group was able to provide a 155,000 GPD temporary bypass plant during the construction of the new plant. Our assets were quickly mobilized to prevent service disruption, and the bypass plant was fully operational within only three months of the contract’s execution.


With Water-as-a-Service®, Seven Seas Water Group takes on all the business of water and wastewater treatment with no upfront investment, charging clients only for water delivered. We offer variable-year arrangements and can buy existing infrastructure. And, equipment can be scaled up or down to meet changing demand.

Learn more about our turnkey water and wastewater solutions.

Lease Plant Program

Looking for smaller treatment capacities or a lease arrangement? We also offer the option to lease water and wastewater treatment plants or use the design-build or design-build-finance models.

Learn more about lease options.