Water-as-a-Service® can handle your water needs, leaving you free to concentrate on your core mission

Operating water and wastewater infrastructure can be challenging, and not everyone has the time or experience to deal with it. Seven Seas Water Group’s commercial clients are engaged in a varied list of businesses that all face unique challenges.

Increasingly, water has become one of those challenges. The mounting demands of competitively sourcing and treating it in compliance with tightening regulation can divert a business’ focus from its core mission.

From water reuse for resorts and hotels to master-planned community developments, Seven Seas Water Group makes it easy for clients to get back to doing what they do best. Our Water-as-a-Service® (WaaS®) provides water and wastewater systems that deliver guaranteed quantity, quality, and cost with no upfront investment.

Benefits of Water-as-a-Service®

Letting professionals handle water and wastewater treatment comes with a wide range of benefits. Seven Seas Water Group will take care of:

  • Building or upgrading facilities.
  • Guaranteeing water supply.
  • Treating wastewater to spec.
  • Improving reliability and simplifying operations.

Seven Seas takes care of business with no operating fees or hidden costs, and no upfront capital.

97% Plant Availability

Seven Seas builds and operates plants over long contract periods, and we hope to extend those contracts past the initial agreement. So we build to last for continuing relationships, not the end of an equipment warranty. Our clients are secure in the knowledge that experts are managing their water for regulatory compliance.

Whether a client requires desalination, wastewater treatment for safe discharge or reuse, a waste-to-energy system, or other solutions, Seven Seas has a catalog of industry-standard equipment, the experience to tailor solutions, and attractive financing.

WaaS® in Action: Water and Wastewater Treatment for Sandals Emerald Bay

Sitting on a water-stressed island in the Bahamas, Sandals Emerald Bay needed a reliable source of high-quality drinking water for its guests. It also needed to treat wastewater and reuse it to irrigate its golf course and landscaping. Now, thanks to Seven Seas, even with local water stress, having enough water is never an issue for the resort. And there’s enough fresh water left over to allow Sandals to share 30% of it with a neighboring community.

Request a Quote for Commercial Water or Wastewater Treatment

With all water-related O&M handled by professionals and no initial CAPEX hurdle to overcome, our clients are free to concentrate on their core business again. You take care of your operation. We’ll take care of your water.

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With Water-as-a-Service®, Seven Seas Water Group takes on all the business of water and wastewater treatment with no upfront investment, charging clients only for water delivered. We offer variable-year arrangements and can buy existing infrastructure. And, equipment can be scaled up or down to meet changing demand.

Learn more about our turnkey water and wastewater solutions.

Lease Plant Program

Looking for smaller treatment capacities or a lease arrangement? We also offer the option to lease water and wastewater treatment plants or use the design-build or design-build-finance models.

Learn more about lease options.