Project Details

Location: Harris County, Texas
Customer: Community Developer
Technology: Modular Activated Sludge Treatment plant
Capacity: Up to 600,000 GPD


  1. High expense of building a plant
  2. Need for capacity to be phased in over time

Lease program for wastewater treatment plant lowers total investment with phased installation

Harris County, Texas, is the state’s most populous county and ranks third in growth in the nation. Its expansion rate has been 67% since 1990, twice the national average. With Houston as its county seat, Harris County’s population is projected to grow from 4.7 million residents today to 6.3 million by 2040. Residential and commercial development to accommodate that kind of growth can strain water and wastewater infrastructure.

The developer of a new residential project was planning to build a 600,000 GPD activated sludge wastewater treatment plant to service the new community. But, when the lowest bid came in at $8 million, the developer started investigating alternative options to lower that cost.

Seven Seas Water Group, through our AUC Group division, offered a five-year lease agreement to install a plant in phases to meet increasing demand for a total investment of less than $2 million. Saving $6 million in capital outlay allowed the developer to focus resources on completion of the development.

Meeting Growing Demand with Phased Installation

The plant’s capacity was increased in phases as four sections of the residential development went on the market:

  • Phase 1: 75,000 GPD
  • Phase 2: 150,000 GPD
  • Phase 3: 300,000 GPD
  • Phase 4: 600,000 GPD

All goals were achieved with a 75% savings from the lowest bid, slashing total investment from $8 million to $2 million.

Flexibility in Wastewater Treatment Contract Models and Scaling

The project in Harris County serves as an example of the difference that flexible financing and scaling can make to our customers and their communities. A lease model allows our customers to pay as they grow at a considerable savings, and phased installation grows capacity as new phases of a project come online.

Contact us to discuss your development’s wastewater needs and challenges and learn about our flexible financing options. Seven Seas Water Group is waiting to help identify the most advantageous strategies to address your wastewater and water needs with the flexible financing structures and scalable technologies that make the difference.

“The parent holding company was able to direct savings from this project to other capital projects to continue to maintain overall development in the initial growth phases of the community.”

Project and Construction Engineer, Christopher Gilbert, PE.

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