Seven Seas Water Group offers short- and long-term leases for affordable and reliable water and wastewater treatment

Whether a client is not yet ready to purchase a full-scale plant, wants to match a project’s growth with a phased installation, or needs to temporarily take an existing plant offline for any reason, our lease plant program offers short-term and long-term leases with an option to purchase.

Benefits of Leasing Treatment Plants

With Seven Seas Water Group’s lease plant program, our clients have their current needs met without having to gamble on future demand. Instead of building expensive traditional infrastructure that may need to be replaced in a few years when demand increases, leasing a modular system allows a dynamic response to fluctuations in needs. Our modular solutions can be used together for efficient scaling, matching capacity with growth.

Our lease plant program is a cost-effective solution that requires only a fraction of the capital outlay compared to competing solutions. We design durably, with high-quality material for exceptional performance. Many of our leases begin as an interim solution but are extended into long-term arrangements.

Save Capital
Expenditure Budget

Scalable Design

Quality Equipment,
Proven Technologies

Need Immediate Service?

During major plant maintenance and repair or after natural disasters, our fleet of portable, modular components can be rapidly deployed to deliver water or treat wastewater flows of up to 1 million GPD. Our temporary bypass treatment plants offer:

  • Continuity of water or wastewater treatment service.
  • Rapid deployment and demobilization with modular equipment.
  • An affordable rental fee based on your project timeline.
  • Preservation of permitted effluent parameters.

Offerings include aeration, digester, and clarifier tanks, 250,000 GPD containerized seawater desalination plants, 1 million GPD seawater desalination plants that require only an 82-foot-by-82-foot site for installation, and a 1 million GPD skid-mounded brackish water desalination plant.

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