Water-as-a-Service® can deliver solutions for industrial needs, from desalinating process water to treating high-COD waste streams

With fresh water becoming more difficult to source and environmental regulation increasing, a call to Seven Seas Water Group can be one of the best strategic moves an operator can make to increase the efficiency of a facility’s industrial water cycle and recover hidden value that may be going down the drain.

With an eye to quality and safety, our solutions can deliver:

  • Energy savings through efficiency and energy recovery.
  • Lower water expenses through wastewater reuse.
  • Reliable streams of process water at any target quality from virtually any source water.

Moreover, Seven Seas’ high-quality, efficient treatment can help industries meet regulatory requirements and show a tangible commitment to sustainability. And, it comes with a record of 97% plant availability to keep production moving.

Benefits of Water-as-a-Service®

Letting professionals handle water and wastewater treatment comes with a wide range of benefits. Seven Seas Water Group will take care of:

  • Building or upgrading facilities.
  • Guaranteeing water supply.
  • Treating wastewater to spec.
  • Improving reliability and simplifying operations.

Seven Seas takes care of business with no operating fees or hidden costs, and no upfront capital.

Experience and Know-How for Industrial Applications

Our plant managers rotate among treatment systems, sharing information to improve quality and service. We analyze industrial sites to optimize processes, which can make all the difference for our clients.

All of our plants have SCADA control systems that can be remotely monitored and operated, and our computerized maintenance management systems are geared toward prevention, providing a comprehensive level of care above the industry average. That’s why our team has been entrusted with delivering critical water to almost half of the nuclear power plants in the United States.

A Closer Look: Rapid Problem-Solving for Refinery

A large petroleum refinery in the U.S. Virgin Islands needed industrial-quality water right away to make up for shortages due to existing equipment’s unplanned downtime. Under a BOO structure, Seven Seas Water Group was able to deliver and commission three mobile seawater reverse osmosis desalination units and one land brackish water reverse osmosis unit within 67 days. With no CAPEX burden, the operator was able to refocus attention and resources on operations. Satisfied with the outcome, the client soon asked Seven Seas Water to expand its water production to 1.675 MGD to support a full restart of refinery operations.

Read the case study.

Request a Quote for Industrial Water or Wastewater Treatment

With all water-related O&M handled by professionals and no initial CAPEX hurdle to overcome, our clients are free to concentrate on their core business again. You take care of your operation. We’ll take care of your water.

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With Water-as-a-Service®, Seven Seas Water Group takes on all the business of water and wastewater treatment with no upfront investment, charging clients only for water delivered. We offer variable-year arrangements and can buy existing infrastructure. And, equipment can be scaled up or down to meet changing demand.

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Lease Plant Program

Looking for smaller treatment capacities or a lease arrangement? We also offer the option to lease water and wastewater treatment plants or use the design-build or design-build-finance models.

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