Project Details

Location: Hunt County, Texas
Customer: D.R. Horton, Inc.
Solution: Modular Bypass Wastewater Treatment
Capacity: 155,000 GPD


  1. Providing temporary wastewater treatment
  2. Assuring continuity of service
  3. Quick deployment and demobilization
  4. Meeting permitted effluent parameters

Seven Seas was able to quickly deploy a bypass plant to boost wastewater treatment capacity during construction of a permanent plant

Wastewater Treatment in Rural Area

In Hunt County, Texas, the housing market is booming, with the number of homes and the demand for them both growing steadily. Homebuilder D.R. Horton, the largest homebuilder in the United States since 2002, has contributed significantly to the boom east of Dallas.

One of the company’s developments grew so quickly that it began to outgrow its wastewater treatment capacity. Construction of a permanent plant would take a year, leaving a potential treatment gap.

D.R. Horton needed a temporary increase in wastewater treatment capacity to handle the increasing load until a permanent plant could be built. The developer reached out to Seven Seas Water Group’s AUC division due to its strong reputation in Texas for quality work, commitment to clients, environmental responsibility, flexible timeline-based leases, and its quick-deploy modular components.

Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Specific Needs

Seven Seas evaluated the required capacity, location, permit limits, influent parameters, and effluent quality requirements to determine the most economical solution.

Based on that information, Seven Seas deployed a modular 155,000 GPD bypass wastewater treatment plant comprised of two aeration basins, a digester basin, a clarifier, a chlorine contact basin, positive displacement blowers, bleach equipment, and flow-monitoring components.

The plant was fully operational in only three months with no break in service and served for 12 months on a rental basis during construction of the new permanent plant.

Water Production Handled by Water Professionals

As a global company, Seven Sea has developed a reputation for providing water and wastewater treatment on any scale, from small decentralized plants to large centralized systems, with the modern financing that makes water infrastructure happen. Contact Seven Seas to learn more about our bypass plants and much more.

“Our customer needed to be confident they could maintain capacity demands while a permanent plant was installed. Seven Seas saved the day with its temporary bypass plant solution!”

Eric Fields, owner and vice president of Environmental Improvements

Water When You Need It, Where You Need It

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