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About Seven Seas Water Group

Seven Seas started in the U.S. Virgin Islands in 1997, and has grown significantly over the last two decades. Learn more about our mission to provide safe, reliable drinking water and wastewater treatment services, anywhere in the world.

Aguas de Panamá S.A. (APSA) hosts event to celebrate 20 years of sustainable water service

Attended by senior executives from Aguas de Panamá S.A. and Seven Seas Water Group (SSWG), the event celebrated current production data and shared opportunities for future plans. Mari Carmen Aponte, United States Ambassador to Panama, also attended the event, demonstrating her concern for the country’s future water supply to meet the growing population.

Water and Wastewater Treatment in Texas

View aerial footage of some of our water and wastewater treatment plants serving municipal utility districts in Texas.

What is

With an outstanding reputation for decentralized water and wastewater treatment solutions, the Seven Seas Water Group “Water-as-a-Service®” approach seeks to help solve global water and wastewater infrastructure challenges.

Seven Seas Water Group’s New Logo

Our corporate logo is representative of the water cycle. The three blue lines in the Logomark signify – drinking water, wastewater, and reuse, together forming a complete solution for a more sustainable world. Inspired by the concept of infinity, the fluid, linear logomark is a nod to our guarantee, providing our clients with the quality and quantity to meet their water needs.

Bringing Desalinated Water to the People in Trinidad

The island of Trinidad was threatened with severe drought conditions, resulting in dangerous brush fires, limited access to fresh water, and citizens rioting in the streets. Seven Seas constructed a permanent facility to serve the community of Point Fortin and its neighbors to the south. This was the largest desalination project awarded in Trinidad in a decade, allowing WASA to provide a 24/7 water supply to areas that previously were only receiving water one or two days per week.

Seawater Reverse Osmosis Explained

Discover how Seawater Reverse Osmosis is used to transform salt water into drinking water.

Delivering Desalinated Water to U.S. Virgin Islands in 97 Days

U.S. Virgin Islands Water & Power Authority (WAPA) was in need of a temporary supply of fresh water when its thermal desalination equipment sustained a catastrophic failure. Seven Seas provided 2 MGD of quick-deployed reverse osmosis units within 30 days for the island of St. Thomas. This was provided during the peak of the tourist season while the permanent, state-of-the-art reverse osmosis facility was being built to produce highly reliable quantities of water at a substantially lower cost than thermal desalination.

40,000 GPD Wastewater Treatment Plant for Business Complex

See aerial footage of one of our decentralized wastewater treatment plants serving the nearby business complex. This facility is capable of treating 40,000 gallons per day and reuses its effluent to irrigate the surrounding greenery.

600,000 GPD Wastewater Treatment Plant for Community

The featured decentralized wastewater treatment plant is in Fort Bend County, Texas, and is capable of serving 2,400 homes. It consists of a dual clarifier design operating 2 trains treating 600,000 gallons per day of domestic sewage with a footprint of only 112’x117’.

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