Project Details

Location: Turks and Caicos Islands
Customer: Leeward Estates Developers
Solutions: Reverse osmosis seawater desalination; membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment
Capacity: Desalination, 250,000 GPD (946 m3/d); Wastewater, 50,000 GPD (189 m3/d)


  1. Phasing installation to match staged expansion of development.
  2. Implementing a complete water cycle solution.
  3. Protecting the area’s aquatic ecosystem

Desalination and wastewater treatment were phased in gradually as resort, residential, and marina complex expanded

Boats on Seas in Turks and Caicos
The developer of the Leeward Estates residential, resort, and mega yacht marina complex in Turks and Caicos needed a complete water cycle solution, one that could be phased in gradually to match the staged expansion of the development.

Phased installation of modular systems allows more manageable capital use because developers don’t have to complete a large plant to service an entire development before the first section becomes available.

Because Turks and Caicos suffers from water scarcity, potable water is generally sourced from reverse osmosis desalination. In the Leeward Estates development, the developer wanted to go beyond desalination and also treat the complex’s wastewater to nonpotable reuse standards, a less costly way to source irrigation water than desalination.

In the Caribbean generally, up to 85% of wastewater is discharged untreated, causing incalculable harm to reefs and tourism. Leeward Estates’ wastewater, however, is treated to provide a reliable, low-cost stream of safe irrigation water while protecting the surrounding environment.

Seven Seas Water Group was able to provide timely, phased installation of a modular seawater reverse osmosis plant that provided 250,000 GPD (946 m3/d) of fresh water when completed, along with 50,000 GPD (189 m3/d) of modular membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment.

Water Production Handled by Water Professionals

Seven Seas acquired, upgraded, and now operates the Leeward Estates systems under a performance-based long-term agreement.

Because the treatment systems use highly technical membrane processes, it makes sense for developers to leverage the expertise of Seven Seas. With water handled by professionals, developers are free to focus on their business.

Contact Seven Seas to explore flexible, problem-solving strategies for real estate developers. With highly flexible, performance-based offerings — including Water-as-a-Service®; BOO, BOOT, and P3 contracts; plant acquisitions; and concession agreements — capital can be optimized for many different needs.

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