A Client-Focused Service Model

Our Water-as-a-Service® (WaaS®) partnerships address the many challenges clients face as they seek safe and reliable water: aging infrastructure, increasing regulation, rising demand, contaminants, and the heightened risk of climate change-associated drought.

WaaS® circumvents bureaucratic obstacles and guarantees delivery of the quality and quantity water you want at a price that satisfies the budget. We design, build, operate, update, and maintain infrastructure with the steadfast financial backing of Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners. Our team is well-equipped to work with clients to design the perfect solution for any financial situation.

We cover all aspects of the water cycle through customized desalination, advanced water purification, wastewater treatment, and water reuse/recycling services. We guarantee capacity, quality, and cost for municipalities, developers, and industrial clients, freeing them to focus on their core missions. We also acquire and upgrade existing infrastructure, and operate it for clients.

Understanding WaaS®

Avoid the bureaucracy, cost, and years involved in arranging traditional financing.
Compare Water-as-a-Service® to older contract models to clearly identify the benefits.


Conventional Design-Build Model

Invest NO upfront capital.

Invest or finance ALL upfront capital.

Pay only for the water you need.

Pay the fixed capital and O&M costs whether or not the plant is operating.

Get a guaranteed water supply managed by water professionals, eliminating the hassle, time, and expense of managing — and repairing — a water treatment plant.

No guarantees. Responsibilities include management of the plant, equipment repairs, labor relations, regulatory compliance, surprise invoices, and inconsistent operator performance.

We design, build, own, and operate a new plant, or acquire and upgrade an existing one, built for quality and reliability.

The equipment vendor’s goal is to maximize profit from equipment sales and walk away. Quality may suffer.

Planning is streamlined and negotiations are quick, to commission affordable infrastructure.

Coordinate with multiple parties involved in the planning stage, leading to protracted negotiations that waste time and money.

Take advantage of new legal frameworks that encourage public-private partnerships in many parts of the U.S. and other regions worldwide.

Lack of government assistance for traditional infrastructure projects.

We pay all operating costs, leaving you with no hidden costs or surprises.

Responsible for all operating costs, known and unknown, including surprises like emergency or out-of-scope repairs.

We are responsible for safety, environmental, and regulatory compliance.

Obligated to keep up with and enforce the latest rules and standards, or to motivate your O&M operator to do so.

We design and operate the plants in a way that ensures low, stable, and predictable life-cycle costs.

Life-cycle costs can be high and unpredictable.

Water-as-a-Service® in Action: Alice, Texas

The state’s first P3 infrastructure project is set to lower water cost and increase resilience with no taxpayer burden

  • City of nearly 20,000 residents
  • Plant designed to produce 3 million GPD
  • City no longer dependent on piped-in water

Alice, a South Texas city with a population of 19,000, depends on nearby Corpus Christi for its water supply, which is pumped approximately 20 miles from Lake Corpus Christi to Lake Findley.

To improve drought resilience and become more water-independent, Alice is turning to a nontraditional source of drinking water, the brackish aquifer beneath residents’ feet. When the WaaS® desalination plant goes online, it will provide a guaranteed volume of raw water to the city’s purification plant at a guaranteed price per 1,000 gallons. The arrangement will add much-needed drought resilience with no capital investment.

“The Seven Seas Water Group WaaS® approach offers an all-inclusive service package with no upfront capital investment, removing the unnecessary burden on taxpayers. We are pleased with the final contract and the price and solution offered by Seven Seas Water Group to provide clean water for our community.”

Alice City Manager Michael Esparza

Flexible Contracts and Financing to Meet Client Needs

Seven Seas offers variable-year arrangements and the ability to sell existing infrastructure, as well as ways to reduce operational costs. Clients have the option to renew contracts, potentially at an even lower rate. And, equipment can be scaled up or down to meet changing demand.

Cut through bureaucratic tape and get your water infrastructure project completed quickly with a number of funding options. Contact us to take advantage of new legal frameworks that encourage public-private agreements, and leverage our risk management capabilities with BOO and BOOT financing models.

Looking for smaller treatment capacities or a lease arrangement?

Contact our wastewater treatment team to discuss leasing options.

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