Water-as-a-Service® P3 contracts put municipal water and wastewater treatment in the hands of professionals

A public-private partnership (P3) contract is a long-term infrastructure agreement between a public entity and a private company. P3s have become increasingly popular for their ability to deliver key public infrastructure more quickly and cost effectively than traditional contract delivery options.

Seven Seas Water Group, an early player in the P3 space, has continued to grow, increasing its focus on build-own-operate (BOO) and build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT) projects through its Water-as-a-Service® offering.

Water-as-a-Service® streamlines the entire project delivery process, from planning and permitting through construction and commissioning, as well as the critical long-term operations and maintenance (O&M). We have decades of experience that have helped us develop industry-leading operations protocols. In addition to relying on technical and risk management expertise, we use only proven, reliable equipment for a consistent record of 97% plant availability.

A P3 contract puts infrastructure delivery in the hands of industry specialists, relieving the public partner of burdens that can draw attention and resources from its core missions.

Under BOO contracts, the private partner builds, owns, and operates the infrastructure for an extended term, assuming all O&M responsibilities. The public partner pays the company only for ongoing water services. At the end of the contract term, the partners are free to form a new agreement or part ways. A BOOT contract is essentially the same as a BOO contract with the exception that the public partner takes possession of the infrastructure at the end of the contract.

A P3 contract takes the process a step further. It’s the optimal marriage of private- and public-sector financing, as well as the optimal sharing of project risk between the two parties. P3s can be executed as concessions, with the infrastructure ownership residing with the public sector from the start.

Benefits of Water-as-a-Service®

Letting professionals handle water and wastewater treatment comes with a wide range of benefits. Seven Seas Water Group will take care of:

  • Building or upgrading facilities.
  • Guaranteeing water supply.
  • Treating wastewater to spec.
  • Improving reliability and simplifying operations.

Seven Seas takes care of business with no operating fees or hidden costs, and no upfront capital.

What to Expect

Seven Seas Water Group can design, build, and operate new water or wastewater treatment plants, or we can acquire and upgrade existing plants. While traditional infrastructure planning involves multiple parties and protracted negotiations, Seven Seas streamlines the process from the early stages of development with in-house planning and financing. Our projects are backed by Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners.

Seven Seas can help municipalities and local governments take advantage of new legal frameworks that encourage such partnerships in many parts of the United States, and takes responsibility for all safety, environmental, and regulatory compliance. Our public partners pay only for the water or wastewater treatment they need.

The Benefits Are Clear

  • Optimal capital investment: Clients pay only for the water services they use, with price, capacity, and quality guaranteed.
  • Contract delivery risk is shifted to Seven Seas.
  • Complex negotiations, permitting, and licensing are streamlined under one roof.
  • Seven Seas handles all O&M.
  • Seven Seas designs and operates the plants in a way that ensures low, stable, and predictable life-cycle costs.
  • Decentralized solutions enable flexible design.

Public-Private Partnership in Action: Alice, Texas

Is a financing model that provides public infrastructure using private sector investment more costly in the long run? Seven Seas’ project in Alice, Texas, demonstrates that a win-win situation is achievable with our P3 projects.

The city, which wanted to take control of its water supply, secured $5.5 million from a state revolving fund (SRF) for the first phase of a brackish-water desalination project. Before proceeding with the second phase of the project, the city decided to consider a P3 approach as opposed to 100% financing via the SRF.

Using Water-as-a-Service® removed $12 million from the proposed second phase SRF funding, and when the plant is operational, the city will be guaranteed lower water prices for years to come. Read the case study.

Take Advantage of P3 Laws in Your State

Public-private partnerships with water and wastewater treatment professionals can help decision-makers in the public sector bring home clearcut win-wins. Contact our team to help you take advantage of the P3 laws in your state or jurisdiction.

“The Seven Seas Water Group WaaS® approach offers an all-inclusive service package with no upfront capital investment, removing the unnecessary burden on taxpayers. We are pleased with the final contract and the price and solution offered by Seven Seas Water Group to provide clean water for our community.”

Alice City Manager Michael Esparza

Take Advantage of P3 Laws in Your State

Public-private partnerships with water and wastewater treatment professionals can help decision-makers in the public sector bring home clearcut win-wins. Contact our team to help you take advantage of the P3 laws in your state or jurisdiction.

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