The Benefits of Water-as-a-Service®

Mar 23, 2022
 by Seven Seas News Team

Over the decades, we've run water and wastewater plants in a variety of locations and conditions, allowing us to develop plant-operation protocols that are strictly followed by our operations teams.

Putting water and wastewater treatment in the hands of professionals lets our clients focus on their primary businesses

Establishing water or wastewater service comes with challenges that can distract municipal governments, real estate developers, and industrial operators from their primary missions. These potential pitfalls include:

  • Dealing with technological challenges.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce.
  • Operating and maintaining a facility.
  • Keeping a parts inventory.

Seven Seas Water Group’s Water-as-a-Service® (WaaS®) offers a way to address these challenges by putting treatment in the hands of professionals. This leaves clients free to take care of their core business, and free from the worry of unexpected water crises down the road.

Upfront Costs Are Eliminated

Importantly, WaaS® delivers up-to-date water and wastewater infrastructure with optimal capital investment. Clients pay only for delivered water at a guaranteed quality and price. That’s it.

WaaS® offers BOO and BOOT contract models for both private sector and public-private partnership (P3) projects, with variable terms and contract lengths that can be tailored to individual needs. In addition to building new projects, Seven Seas Water Group can also acquire existing plants, upgrading and operating them for clients.

Seven Seas handles all permitting and licensing issues. With the backing of Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners, WaaS® projects are guided by professionals, avoiding many typical delays.

Client and Provider Interests Are Aligned

Another important aspect of WaaS® is that it aligns our interests with those of our clients. Under a WaaS® contract, we deliver water service at a guaranteed price and quality, so if we’re not efficient we don’t get paid.

Because we own and operate plants, we use high-quality components to improve reliability and simplify operations. Using advanced technology means our solutions are dependable, low-cost, and sustainable.

With the responsibility of long-term contracts, we plan for the long run rather than the end of a short warranty period. Our water sale agreements also insulate our clients from unpredictable water cost increases and expenses.

Reliability Is Improved and Operations Are Simplified

Seven Seas WaaS® offers reliability at an affordable price. It’s our experience that makes the difference. Over the decades, we’ve run water and wastewater plants in a variety of locations and conditions, allowing us to develop plant-operation protocols that are strictly followed by our experienced operations teams.

To ensure long-term plant performance, we identify and address problems that may affect efficiency and operations. We also design redundancy into our systems to ensure that we are always able to deliver the crucial water services you require.

We learn from doing. With more than 200 years of aggregate experience in operations and maintenance, we’ve developed industry-leading protocols that are borne out by a consistent record of 97% plant availability.

We recruit local talent and train staff to take care of operations 365 days a year, and ensure that all labor, safety, and health regulations are met. Most importantly, we guarantee the delivery of the quality and quantity of water you need to succeed.

Simply put, we handle it all. Contact our experts first to find out how the power of Water-as-a-Service® can meet your water or wastewater needs.
Image Credit: Maximillian Conacher / Unsplash