Learn how BOO and BOOT arrangments can get major water infrastructure projects done

Seven Seas Water Group specializes in build-own-operate (BOO) and build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT) agreements, which are effective financing models that get major infrastructure projects finished and commissioned.

What exactly are BOO and BOOT agreements?

They are long-term agreements under which a private provider company finances, builds, owns, and operates water infrastructure for a client, with contract terms that often span decades. At the end of a BOO contract term, the companies can negotiate a new contract, allow the contract to evergreen, or part ways. With a BOOT contract, the infrastructure is transferred to the client at the end of the contract.


Seven Seas Water Group does all planning and permitting work, and uses proven technologies to design and build new treatment plants or refurbish existing ones.


Seven Seas Water Group finances and owns the equipment, building the most efficient and reliable infrastructure possible to ensure optimal life-cycle cost of service.


Seven Seas Water Group handles all operations and maintenance, and our team of professionals is responsible for hiring and managing workers, and taking care of all regulatory issues.


At the end of a BOOT contract, the infrastructure is turned over to the client in fully functioning condition, complete with necessary spare equipment for ongoing maintenance.

Benefits of Water-as-a-Service®

Letting professionals handle water and wastewater treatment comes with a wide range of benefits. Seven Seas Water Group will take care of:

  • Building or upgrading facilities.
  • Guaranteeing water supply.
  • Treating wastewater to spec.
  • Improving reliability and simplifying operations.

Seven Seas takes care of business with no operating fees or hidden costs, and no upfront capital.

Dependable Water and Wastewater Treatment Without Upfront Capital

Seven Seas Water Group is a reliable partner with flexible financing methods, with projects backed by the financial strength of Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners. Our Water-as-a-Service® offering provides for full funding, with the added benefits of streamlined negotiations and well-designed plants with low, stable, and predictable life-cycle costs.

BOO and BOOT contracts often are used for public-private partnerships (P3s), but they can be equally beneficial for private clients, including manufacturers, resorts, power plants, mines, and refineries. BOO and BOOT contracting methods provide clients with water plants dedicated to their operations’ specific needs, source water, and quality specifications, and leverage Seven Seas Water Group’s risk mitigation capabilities.

Advantages of BOO and BOOT

BOO and BOOT structures offer many advantages that have changed the way infrastructure is delivered worldwide. Our flexible financing options place water and wastewater treatment in the hands of water professionals, saving clients the high initial investment costs and risks associated with traditional, ad hoc infrastructure projects.

BOO and BOOT structures offer optimal use of available funds, with clients paying only for the water or wastewater services they use at a guaranteed quality and price. Clients are free to focus on their core business without distractions such as:

  • Technological challenges.
  • Regulatory compliance.
  • Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce.
  • Operating and maintaining a facility.
  • Maintaining a parts inventory.
  • Unexpected costs.

Steady Water Supply for Sandals Emerald Bay

The Sandals Emerald Bay resort in the Bahamas was experiencing reliability problems with its drinking-water desalination plant and the wastewater treatment and reuse system providing its irrigation water. Seven Seas Water Group acquired the company supplying the services, taking over the existing BOOT contract, upgrading the systems, and assuming O&M duties to provide a reliable water supply.

Although the initial BOOT contract term is long over, Sandals has been satisfied with the services, repeatedly renewing its contract with Seven Seas Water Group since the early 2000s. Because we build for open-ended relationships instead of the end of an equipment warranty, long-term agreements like BOO and BOOT mean we build to last.

Seven Seas’ Water-as-a-Service® BOO and BOOT projects are operated and maintained by a team with more than 200 years of aggregate operations and maintenance experience. And our culture of quality has fostered industry-leading protocols and the use of the most reliable equipment. The 22 plants we operate in the Caribbean and the Americas and across sectors have something in common: a consistent record of 97% plant uptime. Contact us to learn more about the advantages of Water-as-a-Service® BOO and BOOT agreements can offer your business or development.


Communities throughout the Caribbean trust and rely on Seven Seas Water Group to ensure there’s fresh, safe drinking water when they turn on the tap. Importantly, Seven Seas Water is also very focused on protecting our ocean and the pristine marine ecosystem we cherish.

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin founder and an early Seven Seas Water investor

We deliver 18 billion gallons of treated water every year.

Seven Seas Water Group and its affiliates are dedicated to protecting our team members and the environment where we work, live, and operate. See what we’re doing to meet U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and achieve carbon net-zero status.

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