Benefits of Our Lease Plant Program

Dec 6, 2022
 by Seven Seas News Team

Leasing a wastewater treatment plant provides an ideal solution in many situations, for instance, when a subdivision is being built in phases.

Topping the list of our leased water and wastewater treatment plants are optimized capital, flexible scaling, and an option to buy

Whether clients need water or wastewater treatment plants, phased installations, or just the agility to face an uncertain future, Seven Seas Water Group is ready with proven solutions and flexible leases to keep them moving forward. Seven Seas clients have found that our lease plant program offers high-impact capital optimization and agile planning options.

What are some of the benefits of leasing a water or wastewater treatment plant?

Uninterrupted Service During Construction of a New Plant

When a temporary bypass plant is needed during work on an existing plant or construction of a new permanent plant, a short-term lease is an ideal fit.

In one example, D.R. Horton, the nation’s largest homebuilder, needed a solution for one of its developments, which had unexpectedly outgrown its wastewater treatment capacity. The trouble is that it would take a year to build and commission an adequate permanent plant.

Seven Seas delivered a modular solution, getting a 155,000 GPD bypass wastewater treatment plant up and running in only three months. The leased plant served for a year until the new permanent plant was finished for a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. Residents experienced no breaks in service.

Flexible Scaling With the Option to Buy

Some clients appreciate the breathing room afforded by a modular plant lease. Modular design allows treatment capacity to be scaled up when need increases. With phased installation, there’s no need to pay now for treatment capacity that will be needed down the road.

For example, a master-planned community was being developed in three sections that would go on the market one at a time. Each section would contain 800 homes and require a 200,000 GPD treatment capacity.

Traditionally, a permanent plant would be built first to cover the total 600,000 GPD need, yet that would require a large upfront expenditure, and payments for operations, maintenance, and financing for the full-scale plant would start before most of the homes were even built.

Seven Seas stepped in with a phased design and lease alternative, featuring modular equipment that allowed a phase-in of capacity. The phasing of installation to match growth freed up resources for the completion of the development. The project manager explained:

We were able to save our investment dollars and reduce upfront capital outlay. It was the perfect solution to redirect funds toward other projects in the master-planned community.

In the face of an uncertain future, choosing the capacity of a plant can be a roll of the dice regardless of how thoughtful the planning is. Build too much and a plant may become a white elephant. Build too little and a hard-to-revise plant will need upgrades.

Leasing a modular solution, though, makes scaling a less risky process. It can even come with an option to purchase once the plant is finalized.

Proven Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Because Seven Seas retains ownership of leased plants — and operates and maintains them — it’s in our interest to use built-to-last equipment for the utmost in reliability. This high quality makes the purchase option attractive to many clients.

Another benefit is the high quality of effluent produced by our proven solutions, which include MBR technology that exceeds the most exacting regulatory standards.

There are alternatives to high initial cost and gambling on future need. Contact Seven Seas to learn more about lease plant options that will meet your needs.