Project Details

Location: Fort Bend County, Texas
Customer: Master-Planned Community Developer
Technology: Modular Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment
Capacity: 600,000 GPD


  1. Avoiding a large initial capital outlay
  2. Meeting startup needs but allowing for expansion

Phased installation enables treatment capacity to grow with demand

Master-planned communities have become increasingly attractive to developers in the United States. Segments of such developments may go on the market in phases, but their full-scale wastewater infrastructure, sometimes extensive enough to serve thousands of homes, has typically been built before the first homes go on the market.

Through its AUC Group division, Seven Seas Water Group offers a way to avoid startup costs by phasing installation to match development progress.

A master-planned community in Fort Bend County, Texas, needed 600,000 GPD wastewater treatment capacity at completion, but the first phase only required a capacity of 200,000 GPD. The customer sought a wastewater treatment plant that was scalable to match the project’s growth and lower initial investment.

Phased Design and Lease

Seven Seas Water Group’s Texas-based division AUC Group offered a phased design and lease program that allowed wastewater infrastructure to grow with the community in three phases, each adding 200,000 GPD of treatment capacity, enough to serve 800 homes each, for a final capacity of 2,400 homes.

The final plant uses a dual-clarifier design to treat 600,000 gallons per day of domestic sewage with a footprint of only 112 by 117 feet.

Affordable, Scalable Wastewater Treatment Plants

Seven Seas Water Group was chosen over its competitors because AUC Group is known in Texas for its flexible financing and lease options, as well as the high quality of its work. Across the U.S. and abroad, Seven Seas has a long history of success in wastewater treatment projects large and small, completing more than 1,500 plants that range from 5,000 to 1.5 million GPD. Contact Seven Seas Water Group to bring time-tested flexibility and success to your community development.


“We were able to save our investment dollars and reduce upfront capital outlay. It was the perfect solution to redirect funds toward other projects in the master-planned community.”

Planned Community Project Manager

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