Project Details

Location: St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean
Customer: St. Maarten Water Authority (GEBE)
Solutions: Saltwater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO)
Capacity: 4.5 MGD (17,032 m3/d)


  1. Quickly delivering a modern SWRO desalination plant
  2. Quickly refurbishing and upgrading an existing SWRO plant
  3. Financing the plant without upfront investment
  4. Lowering water prices

Water-as-a-Service® delivered a desalination plant that ended an island’s water crisis, lowering energy cost by 30% and slashing water cost

Wastewater Treatment Plants
Water Treatment Plants
In the Caribbean, water supplies face multiple challenges. Recent severe droughts have diminished water supplies as population growth and a booming tourism industry have increased demand. The island of St. Maarten was in crisis when its aging desalination plant’s production sank to 763,777 GPD (2,891 m3/d) below its original capacity. It needed refurbishment, but a new plant would also be needed to meet demand.

The news was not all bad. In the past decade, breakthroughs in seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) technology have dramatically increased desalination’s cost-efficiency, making the project much more affordable than the St. Maarten water authority (GEBE) had expected.

Seven Seas Water’s local subsidiary, Air-Fin Holding St. Maarten N.V., broke into action to quickly deliver a 1 million GPD (3,785 m3/d) plant with modern SWRO technology under a Water-as-a-Service ® (WaaS®) contract. The build-own-operate-transfer (BOOT) agreement required no upfront investment, and GEBE had its new Cupecoy plant in under five months, with specialized Seven Seas professionals operating and maintaining it.

At Cay Bay, Seven Seas refurbished GEBE’s existing plant, increasing the capacity from 2,800,223 to 3,500,00 GPD (10,600 to 13,250 m3/d). Modern SWRO efficiency cut energy requirements by 30%, shrinking the plant’s carbon footprint and making the plant more environmentally friendly in a number of ways. For instance, Seven Seas’ brine discharge management has previously earned high marks by researchers.

Seven Seas has a long history of delivering infrastructure in the Caribbean, where water shortages are made more acute by limited alternative water sources.

Water Treatment Plants

Water Production Handled by Water Professionals

Seven Seas’ WaaS® offering builds, owns, and operates its plants for the long haul with the most durable equipment available. When BOOT contract terms end and infrastructure is scheduled to be transferred to our customers, they frequently opt to extend agreements and keep us on due to our high customer satisfaction. Contact Seven Seas, the original and best provider of water treatment as a service in the Caribbean and beyond.

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