Bridging the Water Treatment Gap in Rural Areas

Aug 30, 2023
 by Seven Seas News Team

With a Water-as-a-Service® contract, even remote, rural areas can enjoy modern water treatment services.

Water-as-a-Service® contracts can make safe drinking water accessible even in communities far from centralized treatment infrastructure

Every community needs access to a safe, reliable source of clean drinking water and sanitation, but providing the basics to rural and remote communities can be a challenge. Due to their distance from centralized plants, and water and sewer pipelines, connection can be expensive and impractical.

The most viable solution for rural areas is to install a small, decentralized water treatment plant to serve specific areas, but many communities do not have the financial resources or technical expertise to build and operate water or wastewater treatment plants. Seven Seas Water Group’s Water-as-a-Service® (WaaS®) offers a solution to these challenges.

With a WaaS® contract, water treatment is provided to clients with no upfront capital expenses. Clients are guaranteed a reliable supply of safe water and only pay for the water treated or wastewater processed.

One of the key advantages of WaaS® is its affordability, making safe water financially accessible to poorer communities. Rather than having to outlay huge amounts upfront for water treatment equipment and infrastructure, rural communities pay for only the water they need.

Other key features include:

Decentralized Water Treatment

WaaS® contracts often are used for decentralized water and wastewater treatment plants in rural areas. Water can also be recycled for reuse onsite, reducing demand on freshwater systems.

WaaS® water treatment infrastructure can be scaled up or down according to the size of the community and its water requirements. A community can start with a small plant based on its current needs and scale up if demand increases.

Decentralization also offers a level of resilience not found with large, central plants. The failure of central facilities can be catastrophic for an entire region. But if a single decentralized plant is damaged in a hurricane or otherwise needs repair, the inconvenience is limited to that unit. Seven Seas takes resilience seriously, earning a U.S. Resiliency Council Silver Earthquake rating, and the first-ever USRC Gold Wind Rating for its resilient water facility in the Caribbean.

Expert Management

Water treatment and distribution requires technical expertise to ensure proper treatment and safety. Rural and remote communities often lack the capacity to run a plant efficiently, but with a WaaS® contract, the plant is monitored and managed by a team of water professionals to ensure that it operates effectively.

Seven Seas professionals also take care of compliance with governmental regulations, ensuring that supplied water and discharged wastewater meet safety standards.

Environmental Sustainability

When Seven Seas has a contract to supply water or wastewater service, the company has a vested interest in the long-term success of the plant and the community served. This can be achieved through the implementation of sustainable water management practices and technologies that promote responsible water usage, minimize water waste, and reduce the environmental impacts associated with water extraction and wastewater discharge.

With its Water-as-a-Service® contracts, Seven Seas aims to provide affordable, safe, and reliable access to clean water, even in regions where water quality challenges, lack of infrastructure, or geographical remoteness make traditional water supply methods difficult. By offering a holistic solution that covers all aspects of water management, WaaS® contributes to improving public health, enhancing the quality of life, and promoting sustainable water practices.

Clients gain access to water treatment, distribution, and management services without the large capital outlay typically required. The systems provide innovative water treatment technologies and can be customized depending on the source water and local water quality challenges. Our water experts design, install, operate, and maintain the plant on your behalf.

Contact Seven Seas to learn more about our Water-as-a-Service® partnerships and how they can bring affordable, safe drinking water to your community regardless of location.

Image Credit: altitudevisual/123RF