Our Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants Flow With Challenges

Aug 31, 2023
 by Seven Seas News Team

Careful attention to design, construction, and maintenance hardens Seven Seas water and wastewater treatment plants against stresses from a range of hazards.

Seven Seas plants are built with reliability and longevity in mind, earning them the lowest downtime in the industry

Life has a knack for throwing us curveballs when we least expect them. At Seven Seas Water Group, we believe in proactively preparing for these eventualities by manufacturing high-quality water and wastewater treatment plants that are robust and resilient to natural disasters, as well as everyday wear and tear.

Seven Seas plants are the most reliable in the industry, with the lowest downtime at just 3%, compared to the industry norm of 15-20%. Our 97% plant availability (compared to the industry standard of 80-85%) can be attributed to three things:

  • A computerized maintenance management system.
  • Robust plant design.
  • Wind- and earthquake-proof construction.

Let’s look at how these factors contribute to the superior reliability of our water and wastewater treatment plants.

Computerized Maintenance Management System

All Seven Seas water and wastewater treatment plants feature a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that forms an integral part of the plant. The CMMS allows plant operators to set up preventive maintenance schedules for routine maintenance tasks, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

The CMMS also generates reports that provide an overview of the plant’s overall health and performance, providing insights as to when maintenance may be needed. Data trends (pressures, temperatures) are recorded and operators are alerted to deviations that may precede failures so the equipment can be stopped in time to prevent catastrophic damages.

The CMMS ensures that our water and wastewater treatment plants are managed efficiently and maintained effectively, which minimizes downtime and helps keep the equipment up and running.

Plant Design

Seven Seas doesn’t just build water and wastewater treatment plants, it owns and operates more than 100 of them around the world. For this business model to be successful, it requires that infrastructure be designed and built to the highest standards. All our plants are constructed from robust materials and equipment, and incorporate reliable water and wastewater treatment technologies selected by a team of experienced engineers, who continually work to improve performance.

Because we have several standardized designs, we have an inventory of spares in our network that can be readily shipped to any site. Our consistent track record of 97% plant availability across sectors globally is a testament to the quality of our systems and backup support.

Wind and Earthquake Resiliency

The U.S. Resiliency Council (USRC) is an organization that assesses and rates the performance of buildings and infrastructure — including water and wastewater treatment plants — in the face of various hazards, including earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

Seven Seas’ civil structures are built to the maximum wind and seismic ratings, and equipment is restrained for maximum safety. One of our desalination plants in the Caribbean has earned a Silver Earthquake rating and the first-ever USRC Gold Wind rating from the USRC for its earthquake- and wind-resilient design. Our plants undergo thorough engineering assessments and design improvements to ensure their functionality and safety during and after such events.

Decentralized Approach

Taking a decentralized approach to water and wastewater treatment spreads the risks posed by outages. If a plant is damaged or shut down due to a natural disaster such as flooding, only a small localized area is affected rather than an entire region, as would be the case with a centralized water or wastewater treatment facility.

Contact Seven Seas to discuss your water or wastewater treatment needs. Our trusted, proven designs and quality equipment provide long-lasting treatment solutions wherever they’re needed.