(Tampa, Fla.) – Seven Seas Water, a multi-national provider of Water-as-a-Service® (“WaaS®”) solutions, today announced that it was selected by the Alice, Texas, City Council as the winning bidder for their Alternate Groundwater Delivery Request For Proposal (RFP) on August 18, 2020.

Seven Seas Water will finance, design, build, own, operate and maintain a Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) plant on land owned by the City.  At the end of the initial 15-year contract term, the City will assume ownership of the plant in full operating condition at no additional cost.  Seven Seas Water believes this to be the first Public Private Partnership (P3) desalination plant in the state of Texas.

Olaf N. Krohg, CEO of Seven Seas Water, commented: “We are thrilled to be selected to install a BWRO desalination plant for the City of Alice.  Our Water-as-a-Service® partnership model is ideal for a public-private partnership that aligns our interests with those of our clients, providing a reliable and affordable water supply.  Our technology agnostic cost-effective delivery model guarantees the price for water, and our team’s industry-leading operations and maintenance experience with desalination plants is what ultimately led to the project award.  We look forward to breaking ground soon.”

Alice City Manager Michael Esparza states “Seven Seas Water has a proven track record owning and operating desalination plants.  Their low-cost solution removes risk from our taxpayers and allows the city to better navigate our budget during these uncertain times.”

House Environmental Regulation Chairman J.M. Lozano commented: “I have worked with Seven Seas Water at the capitol on water issues important to Texas.  Bringing private sector expertise to the Texas water market is what we need to increase our water supplies.  Welcome to Texas, Seven Seas Water!”

Quick Facts:

  • Initial production capacity of 3 million gallons per day (MGD) with expansion options;
  • Seven Seas Water is responsible for all financing, design, construction, operations and maintenance of the plant;
  • Seven Seas Water will guarantee water in volumes and quality dictated by the City;
  • The plant will be located on land owned by the City of Alice;
  • At the end of the 15-year contract term, the City will assume ownership of the plant in a guaranteed state of condition;
  • It is anticipated that the plant will be fully operational in 18 months.


About Seven Seas Water

Seven Seas Water is a portfolio company owned by investment funds managed by Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners (“MSIP”). Seven Seas Water offers WaaS® solutions by providing outsourced water treatment and wastewater treatment and reuse solutions for governmental, municipal, industrial, property developer and hospitality customers.  Our water treatment solutions utilize seawater reverse osmosis and other purification technologies to produce potable and high purity industrial process water in high volumes for customers operating in regions with limited access to potable water.  Our wastewater treatment and reuse solutions include scalable modular treatment plants, field-erected treatment plants and temporary bypass plants that are used by our customers to treat and convert wastewater into effluent or reclaimed water prior to being released back into the environment. Some of our wastewater and reuse solutions are provided by AUC Group, our Houston, TX based subsidiary. Through AUC Group Seven Seas Water owns over 100 decentralized wastewater systems in Texas.

About Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners

Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners is a leading global infrastructure investment platform. Founded in 2006, MSIP has made 30 investments across three global funds with more than $13 billion in capital commitments, and most recently raised $5.5 billion for its third global infrastructure fund. For further information about Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners, please visit www.morganstanley.com/im/infrastructurepartners.


For inquiries please contact: info@7seaswater.com