How Leasing Helps Municipalities and Industries Meet Changing Water Treatment Needs

Aug 3, 2023
 by Seven Seas News Team

Leasing a water treatment plant provides an avenue for municipalities and industries to stay at the forefront of innovation without the burden of constantly investing in new equipment.

Leasing a water treatment plant gives municipalities and industries the water infrastructure they need without the crippling financial burden

Access to a reliable supply of drinking water is essential in order for communities and industries to thrive. In many cases, municipalities or regional authorities are responsible for developing and maintaining the infrastructure needed to give consumers uninterrupted access to safe drinking water. Many industries, such as the food and beverage industry, require a reliable supply of clean water to ensure continuity of their operations.

However, water managers are often faced with a range of challenges, including meeting growing demand, eliminating contaminants, and complying with stringent effluent regulations. In addition, increasing water scarcity and aging infrastructure can be hard to address because building and managing treatment plants is expensive and requires expertise.

There is an alternative.

Flexibility to Adapt to Changing Demands

Municipalities and industries can lease a water treatment system rather than building their own water infrastructure. Leasing a plant affords the flexibility to adjust treatment capacity in response to changing demands. As population or production levels fluctuate, the ability to quickly scale up or down is essential.

And, leasing a plant can fill a gap in treatment when existing infrastructure is down for repairs.

With Seven Seas Water Group’s Lease Plant Program, clients can opt for a short- or long-term lease that aligns with their project’s anticipated timeframe. Leasing allows for the customization and configuration of treatment systems to meet specific needs, ensuring efficient and optimal operation, and there is always the option to purchase at the end of the lease term.


Seven Seas’ Lease Plant Program offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional procurement methods. Instead of outlaying a significant upfront investment, leasing allows municipalities and industries to access state-of-the-art water treatment technologies without a long-term commitment. With predictable monthly payments, leasing enables better budgeting and financial planning, while also freeing up capital for other essential projects.

Seven Seas’ Modular Water Treatment Plant

Upgrades and Technology Advancements

The water treatment industry is continuously evolving, with new treatment technologies and advancements emerging regularly. Leasing provides an avenue for municipalities and industries to stay at the forefront of innovation without the burden of constantly investing in new equipment. Lease agreements can incorporate provisions for system upgrades and replacements, enabling access to the latest water treatment technologies to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and enhance water quality.

Regulatory Compliance and Adaptability

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency currently regulates more than 90 contaminants in drinking water. And, regulations surrounding water treatment are subject to change, with stricter drinking water standards often being imposed.

Leasing allows municipalities and industries to respond quickly to regulatory updates and ensure compliance. Leasing providers stay informed about regulatory requirements, ensuring that the leased systems meet necessary drinking water standards and guidelines, saving time and effort for customers.

Environmental Sustainability

Leasing water treatment systems aligns with the principles of environmental sustainability. Modern treatment technologies focus on resource conservation, energy efficiency, and waste reduction. By leasing these systems, municipalities and industries can contribute to their sustainability goals without the long-term commitment of equipment ownership. Leasing providers can also offer guidance on environmentally-friendly practices and help optimize system performance to improve efficiency.

Contact Seven Seas to find out how our Lease Plant Program can help municipalities and industries meet water supply needs without a huge upfront investment.

Image Credit: dedmityay/123RF