Project Details

Location: St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
Customer: Limetree Bay Terminals, LLC
Technology: Seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO), brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO)
Capacity: 650,000 GPD (2,460 m³/d) expanded to 1.7 MGD (6,435 m³/d)


  1. Delivering 650,000 GPD (2,460 m³/d) of industrial-quality water from seawater on an emergency basis.
  2. During a change of ownership, working with old and new owners to provide continuous service through fluctuating demand.
  3. Expanding capacity to 1.7 MGD (6,435 m³/d).
  4. Meeting the conductivity specification of 28 µS/cm or less.

Emergency Water Needed at a Refinery

Limetree Bay
On the island of St. Croix in the United States Virgin Islands, Limetree Bay Terminals, LLC operated one of the world’s largest petroleum refineries.

In 2011, the previous owner, Hovensa LLC, needed to restart the refinery after unexpected downtime. The restart and continuing operation required 650,000 GPD (2,460 m3/d) of industrial-quality water on an emergency basis.

Desalinated Water Delivered in 67 Days

Seven Seas Water Group’s purchasing power and wide supplier network were quickly mobilized to deliver a two-pass system comprised of three mobile seawater reverse osmosis units and one brackish water reverse osmosis unit. The project began delivering the requested capacity ahead of schedule in only 67 days, with no capital investment required from the client.

Seven Seas’ Environmental, Health, and Safety Program exceeded Hovensa’s demands, allowing fast and efficient integration of the new system into refinery operations. The plant produces a water quality of 7 µS/cm, surpassing the required quality of 28 µS/cm electrical conductivity or lower.

Continuing Operations

Seven Seas continued to work with Hovensa (a joint venture between Hess Corp. and PDVSA) to address reduced water needs during the sale and transition to new owner Limetree Bay Terminals. The new owner later asked Seven Seas to expand water production to support the restart of refinery operations. Although the refining facility has changed hands and undergone shutdowns and restarts, the Seven Seas plant has been a constant, operating continuously since 2011.

Another constant at the plant has been the operations and maintenance performed by the specialized professionals of Seven Seas, leaving Hovensa and Limetree Bay to attend to core concerns. And, infrastructure delivery without CAPEX allows Seven Seas clients to focus resources on their business mission.

Water Production Handled by Water Professionals

With Water-as-a-Service®, Seven Seas Water Group takes on all the duties of water and wastewater treatment with no upfront investment, charging clients only for delivered water under performance-based contracts. We offer variable-year arrangements and can buy and upgrade existing infrastructure. Our modular equipment can be efficiently scaled up or down to meet changing demand. Contact Seven Seas. Our water professionals are ready to share our many problem-solving options.

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