Project Details

Location: Flagstaff, Arizona
Customer: Forest Highlands luxury community
Technology: Insulated 3-phase modular wastewater treatment plants that are expandable to accommodate future growth
Capacity: Wastewater Plant 1, 30,000 GPD (113 m3/d); Plant 2, 90,000 GPD (341 m3/d); and Plant 3, 90,000 GPD (341 m3/d); for a total wastewater treatment capacity of 210,000 GPD (795 m3/d)


  1. Phasing installation to match staged expansion of development
  2. Variable climate, with ambient temperatures ranging from 0 to 97 F (minus 18 to 36 C)
  3. Mountainside location with an altitude of 6,900 feet (2,100 m) above mean sea level
  4. Protecting the area’s pristine environment.

Seven Seas designed an expandable system that could be phased in to meet the growing needs of a community in a pristine, but challenging environment

Forest Highlands is a private, 1,100-acre residential golf estate high in the mountains of northern Arizona. Nestled in the world’s largest stand of Ponderosa pines, the community is surrounded by nature and enjoys breathtaking views. This mountain paradise has a unique charm, but its unique qualities can make treating wastewater a challenge.

Wastewater Treatment System

Phased Installation Offers Affordable Solution as Community Grows

The developer of Forest Highland residential golf estate in Flagstaff, Arizona, needed a wastewater treatment system that could be expanded affordably in phases to accommodate growing membership. The solution had to be efficient at cold temperatures, and had to take the pine-covered mountainous terrain and pristine environment into account.

Seven Seas was able to provide an expandable and economical solution that could operate efficiently in the high altitude and cold, with minimal impact on the ecologically sensitive environment. The installation of modular and field-erected steel-tank wastewater treatment plants met the development’s immediate and interim needs, while also being able to accommodate future growth.

To address climate and aesthetic concerns, the steel plants were enclosed in a visually appealing, prefabricated building that was appropriately insulated and ventilated. The developers opted to initially lease the plants, resulting in minimal upfront capital outlay.

The installation, which consists of three extended-aeration treatment plants that operate in parallel, currently treats a combined total of 210,000 GPD (795 m3/d) of wastewater, with Plant 1 treating an average flow of 30,000 GPD (113 m3/d), and Plants 2 and 3 each treating an average of 90,000 GPD (341 m3/d).

Innovative and Economical Wastewater Treatment Solutions

With more than 50 years of experience in wastewater treatment, Seven Seas strives to provide innovative, yet cost-effective wastewater solutions tailored to our clients’ specific requirements. By taking advantage of our unique flexible leasing program, which includes the option to purchase, our clients can get their wastewater treatment infrastructure installed with minimal upfront capital required.

Contact Seven Seas to find out more about the expandable modular solutions for real estate developers and property managers, as well as our flexible leasing options. Our custom solutions can fit specific client needs, regardless of location or environmental obstacles.

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