Project Details

Location: Harris County, Texas
Customer: Lago Bello Municipal Utility District No. 1A
Capacity: Wastewater treatment, 150,000 GPD; groundwater, 1,000 GPM


  1. Treating 150,000 GPD of domestic wastewater from a real estate development.
  2. Supplying drinking water from a groundwater source for 750 single-family homes.
  3. Formulating a financial arrangement that would allow construction to continue.

Leased plants save real estate development with fully financed turnkey groundwater supply and wastewater treatment

Harris County, the most populous county in Texas, has been growing at more than double the national average since 1990. By 2040, 6.3 million residents are expected to call it home. Unfortunately, explosive development has raised costs and increased regulation.

A developer working on a project in Harris County’s Lago Bello Municipal Utility District No. 1A was facing the prospect of having to abandon a development due to the prohibitively high cost of providing water and wastewater infrastructure for the project.

The client found that leasing plants from Seven Seas Water Group would allow the project to move forward by enabling it to fully finance the costs of both a wastewater treatment plant and a water treatment plant for the development.

The greenfield project is part of Seven Seas Water Group’s continually-expanding list of turnkey design-build water and wastewater treatment plant solutions offered.

The solutions for the Lago Bello project included:

  • A water supply facility that can withdraw groundwater at a minimum rate of 1,000 GPM and that complies with the current design criteria of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
  • A wastewater treatment plant that treats 150,000 GPD average daily flow of domestic wastewater.

Water Handled by Water Professionals

Seven Seas’ decentralized wastewater treatment solutions have an outstanding reputation for world-class equipment and thoughtful, durable construction. The company is continuing its tradition of excellence and our team is ready to bring lease-plant offerings and superior builds to communities across the United States.

Seven Seas has an array of financing models available, including the BOO and BOOT structures in its Water-as-a-Service® offering. Contact our water professionals to learn how our flexible financing arrangements remove obstacles to obtaining high-quality water and wastewater treatment.

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