Panama West, Arraiján. –  Aguas de Panama S.A. (APSA), the reliable provider of drinking water for the district of Arraiján, held an exclusive event on June 21, 2023 to present water supply plans for the western area of ​​the country. At its Laguna Alta plant, the company currently produces up to 22 million gallons of water per day (MGD).

Attended by senior executives from Aguas de Panamá S.A. and Seven Seas Water Group (SSWG), the event celebrated current production data and shared opportunities for future plans. Mari Carmen Aponte, United States Ambassador to Panama, also attended the event, demonstrating her concern for the country’s future water supply to meet the growing population.

APSA is a subsidiary of SSWG, a global water and wastewater treatment company, owned by Morgan Stanley Infrastructure Partners, with operations in the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America.

Jorge Castillo, general manager of APSA, reiterated the company’s extensive experience in the global water sector, being a pioneer in the Water-as-Service® (WaaS®) approach. Superior to traditional sales business models, the WaaS® partnership fully aligns objectives with customer expectations to deliver water at a guaranteed quality and quantity.

Currently, the APSA Laguna Alta plant is nestled between the Howard and Mendoza water treatment facilities, making its location ideal for supplying water where it is needed most.

“We are committed to the country, especially in the western area, and look forward to continuing to deliver a sustainable water supply to the increasing population. Together with IDAAN, we remain dedicated to serving the community and helping address critical water scarcity challenges”, said Henry Charrabe, CEO of SSWG.

About Seven Seas Water Group

Headquartered in Tampa, with operations across the U.S., Caribbean, and Latin America, Seven Seas Water Group (SSWG) delivers annually over 18 billion gallons of water to industrial, commercial, governmental, municipal, and hospitality customers. SSWG designs, builds, owns and operates, delivers new facilities, or acquires and upgrades existing facilities, with the goal of optimizing project risk transfer between the public and private sectors. With an outstanding reputation for decentralized water and wastewater treatment solutions, the SSWG “Water-as-a-Service®” approach seeks to help solve global water and wastewater infrastructure challenges.

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