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Seven Seas Water reliable solutions address the challenge of water resource management by providing alternative water supplies and tackling water in-efficiencies for municipal, industrial and commercial clients.  While population, industry and urbanization compete for the world's most precious natural resource, our smart business approach ensures that dependable, low-cost and sustainable solutions are accessible to the largest consumers of water.

The Seven Seas Water Reliable Solution
For clients who are seeking turn-key water management services, the Seven Seas Water Reliable Solution is the answer.  We provide the capital and expertise required to design, construct, and operate water treatment facilities, and our clients enjoy a risk free water supply with a guaranteed rate. This model transforms the typical vendor-client relationship into a partnership, allowing our clients to focus on their core business while having the peace-of-mind provided by the Seven Seas Water Reliable Solution.

The Benefits:

  • Lowest possible capital costs
  • Consistent and quality water supply
  • Mitigated risk
  • Controlled operations
  • No labor management
  • Guaranteed performance


Average available plant online time


Billion gallons of treated water delivered to clients annually

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