“We are very pleased to complete this transaction to add to our Latin American portfolio. We are looking forward to establishing ourselves in Panama and explore how we may be able to expand our role in serving the country’s water needs.”

-Olaf N. Krohg, CEO of Seven Seas Water

We are thrilled to be selected to install a BWRO desalination plant for the City of Alice.  Our Water-as-a-Service® partnership model is ideal for a public-private partnership that aligns our interests with those of our clients, providing a reliable and affordable water supply.”

-Olaf N. Krohg, CEO of Seven Seas Water

“We are excited to announce that Seven Seas Water is now partnered with a strong infrastructure investor that recognizes the value of our services and solutions through our water treatment operations and our wastewater treatment and reuse assets. Under this new ownership, Seven Seas Water will be backed by a partner that shares our ambitious growth strategy and supports our continued focus on providing world-class service and operating expertise for our customers.”

-Olaf N. Krohg, CEO of Seven Seas Water

Seven Seas Water announces the Amendment of Water Agreement with Limetree Bay Terminals in U.S. Virgin Island.

“We are excited to announce the execution of this agreement, which extends our relationship with a valued customer and expands our water production significantly to accommodate increasing demand. We continue to look for these types of organic growth opportunities that strengthen and extend our relationships with our existing customers.”

Olaf N. Krohg, CEO of Seven Seas Water

Seven Seas Water acquires AUC Group in Texas to expand wastewater treatment service business.

“We are excited to announce the acquisition of AUC, which expands our WaaS solutions in the wastewater treatment and water reuse businesses. AUC’s business model of offering fully-financed solutions with long-term customer relationships mirrors AquaVenture’s existing portfolio while broadening our footprint in the United States. We welcome our new teammates and customers to the AquaVenture family.”

Doug Brown, Chairman & CEO

Seven Seas Water acquires and expands desalination plant in Anguilla.

“We are excited to announce the execution of this agreement, which expands our base facilities into Anguilla and increases our customer density in the Caribbean. We look forward to becoming a long-term partner to the Water Corporation of Anguilla for water treatment services.”

Doug Brown, Chairman and CEO

St. Maarten, N.V. GEBE awards a 1 million gallon per day seawater desalination expansion.

Joint Venture Agreement signed with SETE Energy Saudia for industrial projects in Saudi Arabia.

Seven Seas Water acquires Aquas de Bayovar desalination plant in northern Peru.

“As we expand operations to service the mining industry in South America, we believe that our expertise in offering WaaS will greatly contribute to increasing production and capital efficiency in mining. We have had great success providing purified water to our industrial and municipal clients since 2007, and we are confident in our ability to provide the same level of service to the mining sector.”

Doug Brown, Chairman and CEO

AquaVenture Holdings, LLC announces the initial public offering of equity on the New York Stock Exchange. Ticker Symbol WAAS (Water-as-a-Service®.