About Us

Seven Seas Water is a multinational developer, owner and operator of water and wastewater treatment plants and businesses. Our team has extensive experience in the global water sector, pioneering the Water-as-a-Service® approach to delivering water, wastewater and water reuse solutions.

Our customers enjoy risk-free water services with guaranteed price, water quality and water quantity. Our number one priority is to provide reliable water and wastewater solutions in a cost-effective manner for the long run. We design, build, acquire, refurbish, maintain and operate our plants to perform at maximum efficiency. Our team is second-to-none. Many of us have worked together for more than three decades and have been involved with thousands of water and wastewater projects globally.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves in the Water-as-a-Service® approach – which we believe is superior to traditional equipment sales, engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and outsourced operations and maintenance (O&M) business models, because our goals are the same as those of our clients. We worry about the water. Our customers can focus on their core business.

Let Seven Seas Water assume full responsibility for your water, wastewater and reuse concerns. We guarantee delivery of the most reliable and efficient water plants and cost-effective wastewater treatment solutions.

Potable Water

With water plants that produce millions of gallons/liters of potable water every day, Seven Seas Water has an impressive track record of delivering abundant, safe and reliable fresh water to communities in water scarce regions. We are committed to solving water challenges with advanced water treatment solutions and producing dependable fresh water supplies.

Team Experience

Our team of experts has designed, installed and operated thousands of reverse osmosis facilities around the world, solving potable water challenges for municipal and private customers.

Wastewater Treatment

Our affiliate, AUC Group, Inc., focuses exclusively on wastewater and water reuse, having successfully completed more than 1,500 plants to date that are efficient, cost-effective and minimally impact the environment.

Team Experience

As wastewater disposal regulations become more stringent around the world, treatment technologies become more complex. Seven Seas Water and AUC Group have the technical skills and expertise to effectively treat any waste stream and ensure regulatory standards are met or exceeded. Our global experience with a variety of wastewater treatment solutions, including Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) technology, gives us an advantage in tackling wastewater challenges. Top travel destinations, large cities and manufacturers have relied on our team to carefully plan, install, own and maintain wastewater facilities that operate efficiently and produce clean, safe product water that can be responsibly discharged back into the environment or re-used.

Water Recovery/Reuse

Seven Seas Water follows a practical and environmentally aware approach to treat and reuse wastewater for irrigation, flushing, industrial and recreational purposes. From point-of-use planning and management to facility reuse design and permitting, our experienced engineering team can assist in development to maximize the often overlooked and valuable resource of wastewater.

Team Experience

Water recycling and reuse practices are at the top of the agenda for many large businesses that depend on water. We understand the need to meet regulatory compliance guidelines and the importance of corporate social responsibility, so we have built a team that excels at putting wastewater reuse and recycling practices to work. Our custom designs and sophisticated technologies reduce our customers’ costs associated with water usage, resulting in a positive impact on profitability and environmental stewardship.