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Our reliable water solutions address the many challenges customers face in regard to water production or water treatment, and our commitment to help you succeed is clear in our approach to meeting your needs.  Delivering Water-as-a-ServiceTM (WAASTM) means we provide our customers with all-inclusive custom desalination, advanced wastewater treatment, water recycling and water reuse services, at an affordable guaranteed cost. Requiring limited up-front capital from our customers, Seven Seas Water designs, builds, owns and operates dedicated facilities for municipalities, industry and large commercial businesses. WAASTM aligns the interests of the customer with Seven Seas Water because the success of both depends on a consistent and affordable water supply. 


Saves Upfront Capital

Our smart approach means you only pay for what you need…water.  We provide the expertise required to design your water treatment facility and make the investment for the equipment to build the plant, saving you upfront capital.  If you have already purchased equipment, we may be able to put money back in your hands by buying it back from you.  All plant operations, and any associated cost overruns are our responsibility.  Our customers only pay for the treated water we produce.

Improves Reliability

Keeping our costs down while delivering the treated water that our customers require motivates us to design and build highly efficient and durable water treatment facilities....which also improves reliability. We mitigate any weaknesses that affect efficiency and operations, which ultimately impacts long term plant performance, water quality and quantity. We have preventative maintenance programs in place to protect our equipment beyond the life of our water sale agreements, and we keep up with new and innovative technologies that reduce operating costs and improve performance. We design redundancy into our systems to make sure we don't fall back on our promise to deliver crucial water services - from seawater reverse osmosis to ultrafiltration for potable water, to extended aeration and membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment.

Makes things easier for the client

Our turn-key all inclusive water management solutions make it easier for our clients to focus on their core activities.  We strive to out-perform your expectations when we take on all the responsibilities associated with your water management requirements.  We recruit local talent and train operating staff that will maintain your facility 365 days a year.  We ensure that all labor, safety and health regulation standards are met, and most importantly we guarantee the delivery of the quality and quantity of water you need to succeed.

Reduces overall costs

Our all-inclusive strategy results in overall reduced costs for our clients.   Although we make a substantial upfront investment in equipment, our strong purchasing power gives us the advantage of economies of scale, and we pass these savings on to you.  State of the art plant designs and high-quality facilities yield low operating expenses, and our water sale agreements insulate our clients from unpredictable expenses and water price increases. 


  • Your equipment vendor’s goal is to supply low-cost equipment and make a profit.
  • You set aside up-front capital.
  • You pay whether or not your equipment is working.
  • You are responsible for all operating costs.
  • You are responsible for water plant management and maintenance.
  • You have no guarantee on performance.
  • You need to keep up with and enforce the latest rules and standards.
  • You manage workforce issues.
  • You deal major plant repairs and maintenance.
  • Equipment breakdowns are a nagging concern.
  • Life-cycle costs are high and unpredictable.


  • We design, finance and build the water plant. We make no profit from constructing it.
  • You invest limited up-front capital.
  • We get paid only for the water produced.
  • We pay all operating costs, you have no hidden costs or surprises.
  • We are responsible for managing the entire water operation and associated risks.
  • We guarantee performance.
  • We are responsible for safety, environmental and regulatory compliance.
  • We hire and train local personnel.
  • All repair and maintenance costs, expected or unexpected, are our responsibility.
  • You sleep easier knowing you have a water supply managed by water experts.
  • Our design and operations ensure low life-cycle costs that are stable and predictable.