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Project Execution

From concept to commissioning the Seven Seas Water team, backed by the most advanced technologies, brings its trusted and proven global strength and local expertise to every project.  Operating many plants of all sizes in many regions, our plants have low life-cycle costs, require minimal maintenance, have the highest on-line time, and can be operational in very short time frames. Here’s how the Seven Seas Water team works to deliver solutions built to sustain a life expectancy of 25+ years.

Assessment and Strategy

Our business development staff meets with you to understand your particular objectives and act as your project liaison through the entire process.  With your guidance, our business development and engineering team outlines your water treatment needs and coordinates engineering efforts.  Design engineers will develop a comprehensive process design based on your goals and ensure the plant will integrate seamlessly into your infrastructure.   We will develop a project-specific proposal.  Once this is presented and refined, concepts and specific solutions are finalized between your team and ours.

Procurement & Logistics

Once the drawings are finalized with the client, we will create a complete bill of materials.  A project manager is assigned who is the primary client interface and ensures the project is created according to design, schedule, and budget.  Our specialized procurement team defines equipment items and starts placing orders, taking advantage of reduced pricing from bulk purchasing agreements with dedicated equipment and part suppliers – savings that are passed on to our clients.  And, because of Seven Seas Water’s secure financial backing, we are not subject to delays in procuring and building the equipment for our client’s plant, unlike cash-constrained companies.

Procurement works with our suppliers to fabricate and ship all non-field assembled equipment to our Tampa operation, where it is inspected and tested or shop-tested and shipped to location. Our shipping and transport team is very knowledgeable on shipping and the logistics of getting your plant delivered, and our familiarity with local customs and taxes helps eliminate surprises and delays.

Construction & Environmental Health and Safety

A dedicated construction team in Tampa builds skid-mounted systems for smaller to medium-sized plants, fully tests them and ships them to the site for installation. Larger systems, partially factory assembled, are factory-component tested before shipping and then field-assembled.  The project manager, construction manager, local office personnel, and field engineers oversee onsite construction and start-up using qualified trades persons with local experience as much as possible, depending on availability.

Our professional EHS team reviews every step of the process from start to finish, from early design and major equipment selection through construction – up to the last day of operation.   The team ensures that our operations comply with the local, federal, and international health, safety, and environmental regulations.  The group’s mandate also includes reducing waste, minimizing environmental impact, and maintaining a safe and clean workplace and environment.

On Going Operations & Support

Seven Seas Water hires and trains local staff and early in the process, they will familiarize themselves with your specific operation.  To ensure we’re achieving our customers’ goals, our local operations group is backed by our Tampa HQ operations team, which provides ongoing plant support and assists in general maintenance.  Remote monitoring of the plants gives the project manager and engineering staff real-time data to anticipate and prevent any extended downtime or problems, providing back-up support while reducing onsite labor costs.  In the best-case scenario, our client's water needs are so well met; they forget we are even there.