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Quick Deploy Seawater Reverse Osmosis

Mobile seawater desalination reverse osmosis units are totally self-contained systems that provide a very flexible way of providing potable water from a local seawater source in stressed environments. Unlike permanent desalination plants, the containers or skidded systems can be installed and put into production in a very short period of time. They are designed for severe duty with corrosion-resistant components. Electricity is required for operation, and because most units are deployed to areas where power may be unavailable or unreliable, an optional power module for use with a generator can be built in. Because energy costs in remote areas are typically very high, the modular systems are equipped with an energy recovery device which significantly reduces power consumption and lowers operating costs.

SWRO Containers

Seven Seas Water's fleet of high efficiency, containerized reverse osmosis units offer the perfect solution for clients in a hurry, or those with phased expansion plans or short term needs. Multiple units can be combined to deliver millions of gallons of water per day.

Plant Specs & General Characteristics

  • Each system comprised of two 40' shipping containers
  • Dimensions of the containers: 480'L x 96"W x 122"H
  • Shipping weights: Multimedia Filter Container - 36,000 lbs
  • Shipping weight: SWRO Container - 42,000 lbs
  • Variety of production capacities available 
  • EPA drinking water quality
  • Ultra-efficient high pressure pump
  • Energy recovery
  • NEMA4 electrical controls
  • Seawater membranes
  • Connections: Feed, Product, Waste, Power, Internet
  • Modular design for phased expansion capabilities 



SWRO Systems

For clients who need bulk water fast on a more permanent basis, Seven Seas Water's 1 MGD skidded seawater reverse osmosis quick deploy systems are a great alternative. Multiple systems can be conveniently combined to expand capacity with phased requirements.

Plant Specs & General Characteristics

Each 1MGD system is comprised of the following:

  • (1) 40’ container – Electrical/energy recovery equipment
  • (1) 20’ container – Office/electrical
  • (2) 20’ flat racks – Backwash and cartridge filters
  • (1) 40’ flat rack – Clean in place and backwash
  • (1) 30’ vessel rack – RO pressure vessels
  • (8) Multimedia filter (MMF) tanks
  • Required area approx. 82' x 82'
  • Connections: Feed, Product, Waste, Power, Internet
  • Modular design for phased expansion capabilities.


BRWO Skids

Seven Seas Water maintains an inventory of 1MGD skid mounted BWRO units with high recovery, high rejection membranes. These units are typically paired with either the containerized or skid mounted SWRO quick deploy units described above to produce a finished water quality that has a specification exceeding that of potable water. Examples of these product water applications include power plants, refineries and other types of industrial or manufacturing facilities. When necessary, the BWRO units are reconfigured as required to fit specific applications. The specifications below are for the standard units typically kept in inventory.

Plant Specs & General Characteristics

  •  Each system is comprised of one skid mounted unit
  •  Powder coated steel frames fit in ISO 40’ container
  •  Ultra-efficient pumping systems
  •  NEMA4 electrical controls
  •  12 6M pressure vessels per skid
  •  Brackish water membranes
  •  Connections: Feed, Product, Waste, Power, Internet
  •  Unit dimensions 6’W x 20’L x 9’H
  •  Modular design
  •  Produce water quality of ~15PPM when paired with SWRO