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On Spec Water Delivered in 67 Days

HOVENSA LLC, one of the largest oil refineries in the world located on the island of St. Croix, contacted Seven Seas Water in October of 2011 requesting an emergency supply of industrial quality water to support refinery operations.  The refinery was experiencing weater shortages due to unplanned downtime of existing equipment.

HOVENSA LLC requested that Seven Seas Water provide an emergency supply of industrial-quality water of 650,000 gallons per day (2,460 M3/D). The supply needed to be on-line in the shortest time frame possible to mitigate the shortfalls.

Seven Seas Water responded to the client’s requirements with a two (2) pass solution consisting of three mobile seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) units and one land based brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO) unit. An immediate supply of 650,000 gpd (2,460 M3/D) was delivered and operating in 67 days.

Tasked with meeting a proposed construction schedule of 70 days during the Thanksgiving Holiday Season, Seven Seas Water shipped three SWRO units and one BWRO skid to the site within five weeks of contract signing. While Seven Seas Water maintains an inventory of mobile desalination units, nearly 90% of the supports specific to the operation required on-site fabrication.

Seven Seas Water’s strong purchasing power and vast supplier network facilitated a quick procurement of materials required under the client’s contract scope, ensuring water could be delivered on a fast track basis. Seven Seas Water’s Environmental, Health and Safety Program more than met the demands of HOVENSA, LLC, allowing for fast and efficient integration of the new system into the refinery operations.

Seven Seas Water commissioned the system ahead of schedule on December 19, 2011. The plant exceeds the required specification of 28 μS/cm or less by producing a water quaility of 7 μS/cm, and has been operating without interruption since initial start up.

Under a build-own-operate (BOO) arrangement, which required no up-front capital investment from HOVENSA LLC, Seven Seas Water financed, designed, constructed and is now operating and maintaining the units daily. Seven Seas Water is providing a guaranteed supplemental water supply of the quality and quantity required, at a fixed cost for a two-year term. The client can focus their resources, both human and capital, on other parts of their refinery business.


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