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When you work with Seven Seas Water Corporation, you’ll be partnering with success. Our proven public-private partnerships are benefiting municipalities with more than just expanded services and lower prices. We deliver long-term water and wastewater services that are energy-efficient, economical, and reliable.

Meeting Your Needs

By offering financing in a tough credit and bond market, coupled with our expertise in design, operation and maintenance utilizing a range of technologies, Seven Seas Water provides dependable long-term water and wastewater solutions, stabilizing our customers rates.

You can trust Seven Seas Water with one of the most critical components of your government utility services. We guarantee reliable total water management solutions through advanced design, training, strategic spares, built-in redundancy, and local monitoring and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To offset high energy costs, we construct sophisticated systems using the most energy-efficient reverse osmosis desalination and wastewater treatment designs available. Maximized efficiency reduces energy consumption and greenhouse emissions, while advanced water treatment facilities produce high quality water, protecting natural resources.

Local Experience Equals Success

We leverage the full strength of our globally experienced team while operating locally. Local hiring, training and promotion are the cornerstones of our success, giving us in-depth knowledge about the water challenges you face. It is the combined strength of being directly rooted in the communities we operate, paired with the backing of our wider and highly experienced global Seven Seas Team that enables us to deliver the solutions and services that truly meet your specific needs, while delivering the highest levels in customer service, quality, reliability, and affordability. 

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