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Industry is the largest consumer of water on earth - you need a partner you can depend on to deliver the solutions you need. When you choose Seven Seas Water as your water supply partner, you're selecting a team of experts who understand your critical dependence on a quality water supply. We have the skills and expertise to deliver reliable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

Power & Utility


Under constant pressure from regulators and customers to keep prices low, we understand our power & utility clients have little to no margin for increases in overhead.  The turn-key approach to delivering reliable solutions drives costs down and enables you to concentrate in those areas that matter most to you, like business operations and worker safety.    By offering custom containerized seawater desalination solutions and an operations team experienced in parts inventory management and preventative maintenance, we achieve maximum production capabilities over a long term, even in the harshest environments.


Critical to your success is the ability to rely on a partner who understands your business and your dependence on a clean, quality, reliable water supply.  Seven Seas Water has years of experience utilizing technologies to achieve high-purity water standards.  Our reliable operation and extensive instrument monitoring results in the guaranteed delivery of the water you require for critical applications.


proven performance

A dependable quality water supply is the single most important factor in your business. Water scarcity and a tough regulatory climate invite challenges only water professionals can solve. The Seven Seas Water team has an extensive history of providing seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis solutions around the world solving some of the toughest water resource challenges and delivering alternative water supplies. We are bringing this expertise and knowledge to the mining industry by providing all inclusive professional water services. We're providing the critical services you need - from water supply and effluent management to metal recovery and brine disposal.


Seven Seas Water can operate a small, yet very critical, process for mine owners allowing you to concentrate on your core business. Our systems are designed to operate in harsh environments and achieve over 97% on stream time, meaning you can depend on the crucial water we deliver.  Our core process is pretreatment and seawater reverse osmosis for water producing potable and process water.  We can also polish this water with brackish water reverse osmosis and electrodionzation to produce high-purity water for boiler feed type applications at the mines. Whatever your mine activities demand; we can deliver.  READ MORE

Oil & Gas


A disruption in your water supply can result in millions of lost dollars in revenue per day so it's critical your water supply is managed by highly skilled and experienced water professionals.  We currently deliver over 20MGD of treated water to municipalities and industrial off takers, and we are applying this knowledge to the treatment of produced water.  Using proven technologies interfaced with custom engineered process designs, Seven Seas Water can deliver the critical water your business demands.  Our solutions include filtration/particulate removal with micro filtration, ultra filtration and conventional multimedia; brine stabilization, softening and divalent ion removal with nano filtration; seawater reverse osmosis for fresh water and heavy brine production, specialized products for oil/hydrocarbon removal process based on molecular cohesion.


Pilot studies are often required at particular reservoir or lease locations to evaluate the success of an application.  We will custom-design pilot plants and work for our clients to identify optimum product water quality parameters and install the pilot plant.  Our goal is to illustrate the effectiveness of our design process needed for enhanced oil recovery and reuse.


guaranteed performance

Although high-quality process water is required for manufacturing companies, water reuse is at the top of the agenda for most business owners as part of an agenda to reduce water consumption.   The professionals at Seven Seas Water have a proven track record of providing sustainable water supplies for reuse applications and make -up water.  With custom system designs and highly efficient equipment installations, we have the ability to treat secondary or tertiary treated sewage, raw brackish water, cooling tower blow down and other industrial waste streams and deliver the quality water you require for your specific application.


Seven Seas Water engineers are leaders within the industry when it comes to designing ultra-efficient water treatment facilities.  We utilize ultra-efficient motors and VFDs to save electrical consumption and highly efficient positive displacement pumps and centrifugal pumps that are designed for maximum low-cost performance.  Our plants are fitted with energy recovery devices with an efficiency of over 98%.  The Seven Seas Water solution, customized to meet your needs, will deliver quality water you can depend on at the lowest possible cost.

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